Thursday, 17 September 2009

Whilst in Portugal, we visited an art gallery (don't ask me which). There were a few pieces of work which really appealed to me. Considering my camera decided to die a few days into the holiday, I wasn't able to take any photographs. I did however, jot down the name of the artists and the title of the work. Now, I've tried searching for them online, to see if I could find them to post on here, but for some reason, I hardly find any! :| I did however, find some work by two of the artists.

alfredo coelho
I absolutely love these pieces!

sem titulo

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Night time..... day time!!... Night time..... day time!!!

Just a little something I find amusing. :)

Collections put to use..?

Linking to the whole book binding jibber jabber, I made an A6 book dedicated to collaging! GO ME!
Anyways, yeah, I've been using some bits I collected to make something that hopefully look's interesting. I end up keeping all sorts of crap, whether it be a wrapper from something, or an old tissue box. I find playing around with random bits like that more interesting and easy to work with. I go for the messy look when it comes to collaging. It's gooooooooooood!

What's this!? Books!?!?

Since coming back from Portgual and wandering around the hand craft markets, I've been obsessed with books! I'm generally in love with paper as it is, and this just gave me an amazing excuse to collect and buy loads more! :D
So I've been making a few books here and there. Pretty damn proud of them actually!!